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Mistress Vivian is a Fetishist & Sadist at heart. Known as an Artist and Art in itself with the body of a true Goddess meant for worship.

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I love to slip into tight rubber outfits or feel smooth, supple leather on my skin, yours to worship. I enjoy the look and feel of wearing gloves of any kind, preferably satin, leather, pvc and latex. Simply imagine yourself being touched by these gloved hands, gently or firmly.

The color black plays a main part in my fetish wear, sometimes combined with red. My wardrobe is extensive for your every desire, in particular Latex and Leather. Also, my large collection of heels and boots features only the best.

My perfectly toned pantyhose legs are to die for. Nylons, in particular glossy tights, are -- beside latex -- one of my main fetishes so they are usually part of my every day life. My pantyhose collection features mainly top brands like Victoria's Secret, Wolford, Platino, Kunert and Falke. I know many of you would give anything to have a pair of my well worn nylons to indulge in. You will find these in my Items for Sale section.

Wigs are another fetish of mine. The ability to create a different look so easily by simply changing the style and color of hair is fascinating. My wig collection features mainly straight hair short bobs, mid length blunt cut and wavy long hair; colors: blonde, red and black.

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Domination is a way of life. My lifestyle. I truly love what I do. I am a natural Dominant and have the inner desire to dominate men. I have been dominant for as long as I can remember.

There is nothing quite like laying my gloved hand around the neck of a submissive play pet, listening to his moans as he gasps for air, slowly letting my spit drip into his open mouth and calling him my dirty little fuck slut as I begin to tighten my grip to choke his neck while my other hand reaches for his bound cock and balls. "I've got you just where I want you and tonight you're ALL mine!" is what I'll tell him as he starts to realise what position he is in -- "Yes Mistress" is all he can whisper as I give his balls a good hard squeeze.

The weak submissive body and mind is now mine to use and abuse as I please.

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High Quality Entertainment

Nothing I do as an artist or the art I create in itself says cheap. I don't wear cheap leather or latex. I value the high quality of European Latex by Skin Two and Libidex, as well as genuine Leather by Wilson. My webcam sessions involve tasteful teasing, a kinky mind, skilled hands and great conversations that will crave you coming back for more. My per-minute price and hourly rates reflect what I do. You get what you pay for and your experience will be well worth it. If you want cheap, you can find cheap elsewhere on the web.

Face to face meetings are not an option. Consider yourself privileged enough to session with me in a private cam session online. I can guarantee, though you will not be in the same room with me, I will make you feel that way. Eye contact during our session is extremely important to me.


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Pantyhose Legs


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